Comm 394- Government and Business Economics

instructor at Sauder

This course uses a framework based on economic analysis and ethical principles to address the role of government and business in a market economy. The course addresses three basic questions:

  1. What should the role of government be?

  2. What factors explain the actual policies of governments?

  3. What is the social responsibility of business?

An important part of the course involves consideration of current public policy issues as well as ethical dilemmas confronting managers.

Upon completion of Commerce 394 students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate that they are well-informed about the Canadian economic scene and capable of commenting intelligently on the public policy issues that are relevant for businesses.

  • Use a framework based on economic concepts and ethical principles to assess public policy, taking into account incentive effects, economic efficiency, and fairness.

  • Appreciate the often-divergent perspectives that shape government policy due (in part) to the fact that there are usually both winners and losers from any proposed policy.

  • Evaluate the appropriateness of particular business decisions based on important philosophical approaches to business ethics.

Teaching Assistance Experiences


2016 - BAUL 501  - Real Estate Investment Analysis
2017 - BASM550 - Strategic Management 
2018 - COMM394 - Government and Business 
2019 - COMM306 - Urban Land Economics 

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